How do I Make Money Fast?

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Any time you find yourself with emergency expenses or bills to pay, you may need some way to make money fast. The best way to achieve this goal may differ depending on how much you need, the local laws in your area, and the amount of money you have available to invest. Day laboring and temp jobs can be good, legal ways to make money quickly if you're capable of completing physical tasks. You can also raise some quick funds by selling any jewelry, electronics, or other valuable items you own. Investing in volatile instruments, such as penny stocks, can be a good way to make money fast if you have any amount of cash on hand, though you can run the risk of losing everything.

If you are in good physical condition, you may want to look into day labor for some fast money. Many people wait around outside home improvement stores for someone to need help with a project, though labor agencies also exist. If you choose to go with an agency you may need to wait in line behind any laborers that arrived first, and the company will typically take a portion of your pay. You may be afforded more protections with these businesses, especially if you are injured or there is a dispute over reimbursement for your work.


Another good way to make money fast is to sell your valuable belongings. You may get good money for items such as gold, jewelry, musical instruments, or electronics. In some cases you can choose to pawn these items instead, in which case you may have the chance to retrieve them later. Pawning items is somewhat similar to taking out a loan, though you have the choice of not retrieving your collateral rather than paying it back.

The stock market can be an effective way to make money fast, though short term investments are typically very risky. Day traders often make large sums of money with short term investments, though they usually diversify and have enough of a buffer that they will not lose everything on a single trade. You may be able to make money fast by investing in a volatile penny stock, though you run the risk of losing what little money you already have if the stock dips. A minimum balance is usually required to open a trading account, which may reduce the viability of this option if you do not already have an account.



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