How do I Make a Unique Living Room?

A unique living room may mean different things to different people. One way to create a unique living room may be by purchasing furniture at places other than traditional furniture stores; flea markets, yard sales, or estate sales can all be great ways to find unique pieces. Decor can also go a long way towards creating a unique room; handmade items, vintage items, or collections of family photographs can all give a room a personalized touch.

While you are trying to create a unique living room, you may still want to decide on a theme so that everything looks like it goes together. There are various ways to do this; you may want to use colors from a certain color family, patterns that complement each other, or woods or materials that all go together. Even just one unique piece can be an inspiration piece for an entire room, and can help to hold a room together and make it look cohesive.


One way to make a unique living room is to use colors that are not traditionally used in living rooms. Bright colors such as turquoise or red, for instance, can give a room an interesting look. You might choose to just paint one wall in a bright color, for example, or even a muted color such as dark brown or charcoal gray. Creativity with paint colors or with room accents such as throw rugs or pillows can make a whole room look more interesting, and these tend to be the least expensive ways to change the look of a room.

Adding personal touches such as family photographs or crafts projects is another great way to make a unique living room. Photos from family trips can all be framed in different ways and hung on a wall, for example, or kids' crafts projects can be creatively arranged on a mounting board. There are many prints to be found online, some at very low prices, that can help to change the look of a room when hung on a wall.

Of course, furniture is another way to create a unique living room. A mixture of modern and vintage or antique pieces can look interesting in a living room, and flea markets often provide a wealth of inexpensive furniture options. The best way to create a unique room in your home is to simply follow your instincts and be creative; even if you don't like how something in the room came out, you can always change it at a later date.



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