How Do I Make a Family Meal Plan?

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Making a family meal plan is easily done by writing down your family’s favorite meals and putting them on a calendar or list. Be sure to include your children in the planning process to encourage them to eat the family meals. Once you have decided what the meals will be, go shopping weekly or monthly to get all the necessary ingredients. Remember to ensure that the meals contain the proper nutrition needed to have energy throughout the day.

Think about your family’s favorite meals and write them down in no particular order. You may also want to find a few recipes for new meals that might be popular. Exclude meals with ingredients that a family member is allergic to or really dislikes. If possible, include your children in the planning process, which often leads to an increased likelihood of them actually eating the meals.

The next step is put each meal on a calendar or list in the order in which you plan to serve them. You could also put them on a list to choose from randomly, but some people find it easier to make the decision beforehand. Otherwise it is easier to say that nothing looks good and end up ordering out. Post the list on the refrigerator so that the rest of the family is always aware of what is for dinner.


Lastly, gather the ingredients needed to make each meal. If you plan to use primarily fresh ingredients, you will likely have to shop once a week or once a month if you wash and freeze all vegetables and fruits that could expire before preparation. Do not be afraid to use frozen foods instead of fresh, because the quality difference is usually insignificant, especially when it comes to vegetables and fruits. To spend less time in the grocery store, organize your shopping list by section, such as meats, vegetables, and bread.

Eating healthfully is easier when going by a family meal plan. If you stick to the family meal plan, you will not buy snacks and junk food that are unhealthy for your family and may ruin their appetites between meals. Ensure the meals contain a healthy amount of protein and vitamins by including poultry, beef, and vegetables. Refer to a government-backed diet plan to make sure your meals comply with doctor-recommended diets. When in doubt, run your family meal plan by your general practitioner, who is qualified to say whether a diet is healthy.



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