How do I Maintain Pregnancy Fitness?

Maintaining pregnancy fitness may become increasingly more difficult as the weeks progress and the pregnant woman becomes more uncomfortable. Yet, 30 minutes of exercise is recommended each day, in most cases. Yoga, cardiovascular activity, and weight training are some ways to maintain pregnancy fitness.

Yoga may be one of the best ways to maintain pregnancy fitness levels. Many yoga studios offer prenatal classes that are geared specifically for pregnant women. In addition, DVDs are available for women to follow at home. Many DVDs have yoga positions that are modified for each trimester of pregnancy. For example, in the first trimester, pregnant women are expected to have greater flexibility and maneuverability, while women in their third trimesters are expected to have less ability to twist, turn, and move.

Some women prefer to maintain their pregnancy fitness through cardiovascular activity. Walking may help a woman to maintain a healthy weight throughout her entire pregnancy. Many women jog or run well into their third trimester, while some women believe that the jarring motion is both uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for the baby. Other good options for cardiovascular fitness include riding a stationary exercise bike and swimming.


There are a few cardiovascular exercises that should probably be avoided by pregnant women. For example, women are usually advised not to ride a bike, alpine ski, snowboard, or horseback ride. Many medical professionals fear that those activities have a greater likelihood of injury to the woman and her unborn child. Specifically, activities where a woman may fall on her stomach are not normally recommended.

Weight training is a good option for maintaining pregnancy fitness as well. Most medical professionals believe it is safe for pregnant women to lift light weights. Heavy weight lifting should usually be avoided. Working the biceps, triceps, back, and legs are often recommended. Abdominal exercises are usually considered to be unnecessary during pregnancy, although they can be quite helpful after the baby is born.

With any exercise to maintain pregnancy fitness, it is important for the pregnant women to pay attention to her body. For example, if a pregnant woman experiences any pain, specifically in the uterine area, she should stop exercising. In addition, before beginning any exercise regimen, it is important to discuss it with a medical professional. Some medical professionals encourage women to keep their heart rate below 140 beats per minute, although current research shows that it may not be necessary to do so.



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