How do I Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

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Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is important in order to maintain optimal health. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels may lead to medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. There are some relatively simple tips, such as eating a healthy, balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise program, that may help to ensure normal blood sugar levels.

Your diet is instrumental in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It is important to include plenty of healthy fiber in the diet. Some healthy fiber choices include brown rice, oatmeal, and whole grain breads. Avoiding foods that are highly processed such as white rice or white bread is a good way to maintain normal blood sugar levels. All sugary foods, such as soft drinks, candy, and cookies, should be avoided.

Regular exercise can also help to maintain normal blood sugar levels. It is not necessary to participate in long or difficult workouts. You may simply want to park a little farther from the door when going to the grocery store or use the stairs instead of an elevator. It is important to keep the body moving, but doing so does not have to be painful or difficult.


If you begin to have trouble maintaining normal blood sugar levels, it is important to visit a doctor in order to rule out any potential health conditions, such as diabetes, which may be contributing to the fluctuations. The doctor will likely order blood tests, which will reveal any potential health concerns or indicate the need for further testing. It is important to follow all of the directions given by the doctor.

In order to properly maintain normal blood sugar levels, you should tell the doctor about all medications you are taking. This not only includes prescription medications, but it also includes any vitamins or herbal supplements. Some of these medications may interfere with normal blood sugar levels, and the medications or the dosages may have to be adjusted accordingly.

If the above tips have been tried and you are still having trouble regulating blood sugar levels, there may be other sources of assistance. For instance, a dietitian can help you create an individualized meal plan. A physical therapist can help to create an exercise routine that you will enjoy and thus be more likely to continue over a period of time. Any concerns should always be discussed with your medical team.



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