How Do I Maintain a Washing Machine Door?

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With a little effort you can maintain your washing machine door, and make sure it does not develop that unpleasant mold and mildew smell that can occur if it is left closed all the time. One of the easiest ways to care for a washing machine door is to simply leave the door open in between loads of laundry, which is true for both front loading and top loading machines. Leaving the door open allows the wash tub to dry, and prevents water from collecting in and around the door where mildew grows, or where the hinges could rust. Taking a few minutes each week to clean it can be a big help as well.

When a washing machine door is left closed all the time, even when it is not washing a load of laundry, the moisture has nowhere to go. It tends to remain damp in the machine, especially if hot or warm water was used to wash a load of clothes, which can cause steam to be released inside the tub. Front load washing machines are even worse for this, since due to their shape, sometimes all of the water does not drain completely after a load of laundry. Simply leaving the door open in between loads, allows the steam to evaporate and the water to dry. Always check the washing machine for pets before running it, though!


It may be necessary to put in a bit more work to prevent mildew growth around the actual washing machine door, however, because many of them feature rubber seals that trap water even more. Once or twice a week, taking a cloth and wiping in and around the rubber seal may help to take care of any mildew growth and prevent the unpleasant smell associated with it. Using a different cloth to wipe around the inside of the washing tub can also be helpful for maintaining the washing machine and preventing rust.

Being sure to care for the rest of the machine can help to maintain the washing machine door. Running a load on the hottest setting, along with a cup or two of bleach, can help to remove stubborn smells and kill any odor-causing bacteria located in the tub or around the door. In addition, if your machine requires high efficiency detergent, make sure to always use this type, since regular detergent can also build up around the door and cause smelly mildew growth.



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