How do I Lose the Last Ten Pounds?

After making lifestyle changes to diet and exercise, and losing a good amount of weight, the last ten pounds can be the most difficult to get rid of. This can be for a variety of reasons, but generally occurs because the body has adapted to the diet and exercise plan, and has reached a weight loss plateau. One of the best ways to lose the last ten pounds is to make some additional small changes to your diet and exercise plan.

Before doing so, however, determine if your goal weight is really realistic. If you've reached 135 pounds, for example, and you are finding it impossible to get past that weight no matter what you do, maybe the appropriate weight for your body is actually 135 pounds. Do some research online to determine your body type and the average weight for your height and frame size; perhaps you have already reached your goal weight without realizing it.


Another option to lose the last ten pounds is to reassess your diet. This can take place in three ways. First, many people begin to get a bit more lax in their eating habits after dieting for awhile, so keeping a food diary and making note of all the foods eaten in a day can be an eye-opener. Second, be sure to consider the calories in beverages; specialty coffees, sodas, and fruit smoothies can all be loaded with empty calories and sugar. Finally, keep in mind that now that you've lost weight, you may need to adjust your caloric intake accordingly, and eat a bit less every day.

One great way to eat less at every meal is to eat an apple and drink a glass of water about fifteen minutes before every meal. This will help you to feel fuller and to eat less overall. In addition, apples are full of fiber and make a healthy snack, and can really help you lose those last ten pounds.

Switching up your exercise plan is another way to finally lose the last ten pounds. Try to increase the speed or length of time spent on your aerobic routine, and if you haven't made strength training a part of your exercise routine, now is a great time to do so. Building up lean muscle can help you to lose weight and become stronger overall. In addition, it might help to wear a pedometer and to set a goal for the day for the number of steps you want to take; for instance, 10,000 steps in one day. This will keep your mind on exercise and health.



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I've heard of a "last ten pounds" boot camp class that tries to motivate dieters into working harder at the tail end of their weight loss goals. I don't know if I would want a drill instructor standing over me and pushing me to the point of failure, but I think some people might respond well to that kind of motivation.

Personally, I lose my last ten pounds by going on a meal replacement diet. I'll drink two diet shakes for breakfast and lunch, then eat a healthy meal for dinner. I'll add one more set to my usual workout, and turn up the speed on my treadmill.

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One trick to help lose the last ten pounds would be to tell yourself you actually need to lose fifteen pounds. Sometimes when runners see the finish line, they will unconsciously start to slow down and coast the last few hundred yards. If they pick a different target past the finish line, then they will continue to run at full speed through it.

The same idea can work for a last ten pounds diet. If your mind believes the goal weight loss is actually higher, then it may not go into a plateau so quickly.

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