How Do I Learn to Surf?

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There a lot of ways you may be able to learn to surf, including classes with various schools and camps. You may also read instructions on surfing and try it yourself, but this can be less effective. The exact way you choose may be based on finances, availability of training or classes, and your individual personality.

If you enjoy one on one instruction rather than a group setting, you may want to learn to surf with a single instructor. This involves one person taking you out and teaching you the basics. You can eventually work up to more advanced training. The availability of these classes will depend on your location. One on one classes may also be limiting to some because they are often more expensive than group training or camps.

You may wish to learn to surf with friends who are also beginners. This is also usually done with an instructor, but prices may be lower in a group. Surfing camps are also available in some areas where you can learn the basics of surfing with other people who have signed up for the camp. These may be offered to young children and teens as well as adults, and space is often limited.


Less expensive ways you can learn to surf include asking a friend for help, or reading instructional websites or books and trying yourself. The first option is more precise, since an actual person can give you clearer instructions and show by example when you are doing things right or wrong. Reading or watching videos on surfing may not offer advice as clearly, but they will allow you to work at your own pace. You can also re-read or watch the same portions numerous times until you feel confident enough to try the moves on your own.

The best way to learn to surf may be to use each of these tactics together. You may take a class one day a week and then practice several days by yourself or with friends who surf. Watching videos of proper surfing form or reading about the sport may also be helpful at keeping you motivated and providing helpful tips. Keep in mind that surfing is harder than it looks, so you will require many weeks or months of practice before mastering some of the necessary skills.



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