How do I Learn Medical Coding Online?

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There are four requirements to learning medical coding online: meet the application criteria, select the school, complete the coursework, and pay the tuition. Medical coding programs are designed to teach administrative staff in the health services sector how to use computer programs to record medical procedures, update patient charts, submit invoices to insurance companies, and more. An online program refers to courses that are completed using distance learning, with students accessing the material over the Internet.

In order to apply for medical coding online programs, you must have obtained a high school diploma. There are no specific course requirements, although courses in English, computer applications, or technology would all be helpful. Although it is not an enrollment requirement, most candidates need to be able to type at least 65 words per minute upon graduation. Many candidates take typing courses in advance.

The medical coding online programs typically take six to eight months to complete. When selecting a school for medical coding online, it is important to review three main items: accreditation, software programs, and practice opportunities. Ask about these three items before making a selection and paying any fees.

Accreditation is a process where an external agency reviews the course materials, administrative policies, and learning program to determine if it meets a minimal criterion. Schools that are accredited have invested significant time, money, and effort to meet these standards. This is an indicator of a long-term operation and provides some assurances of its intentions.


Medical coding is all software driven. Any school offering medical coding online must provide access to the latest version of all the major medical coding software programs. Training, access, and practice with these systems are the primary reason for taking these courses.

Online courses are taken over the Internet. Students log into a website application to receive assignments, complete course work, listen to lectures, and complete tests. Ask the school about the system availability, access to the software, and the level of student support provided.

Medical coding online programs cost between $1,500 and $3,500 US Dollars (USD). Included in this cost is the fee for any textbooks or course material, access to the software, and telephone support. Many medical coding online programs can be completed part time, allowing students the flexibility to work and study simultaneously. Tuition assistance can be provided through student loans, grants, or scholarships. Talk to the school about the type of financial aid available and how to apply.



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