How Do I Keep up with Hospitality Industry Trends?

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The keys to keeping up with hospitality industry trends are to build a rapport with others in the industry and pay close attention to what the public wants. One of the best ways to do both is to interact on social networking sites. Watching and reading news about the industry is an easy way to access up-to-date information. Getting a mentor can help, as can attending industry-related events. Whether in-person or online, developing a network of those in the industry can be especially helpful.

Interacting on social networking sites is one of the best ways to keep up with hospitality industry trends. It provides easy access to both those in the industry as well as feedback from the public. It's almost like being a fly on the wall — an opportunity to find out what the public does and doesn't want whenever they're out for business or pleasure.

There are numerous television shows and publications dedicated to every type of industry. To keep up with hospitality industry trends, subscribe to print and online newsletters, read newly published books and magazines, and read industry-related sections in the newspaper. Pay close attention to what leaders in the business are doing by subscribing to their social networks. Watch every possible television show devoted to the industry and take notes.


Getting an established mentor is one of the best ways to keep up with hospitality industry trends. He or she knows the ins and outs of the industry and understands what it takes to be on top of the game. Learn how this person gained his or her knowledge and became successful, especially through tough economic times for the industry.

Attending seminars, lectures and other industry-related events is another way to keep up-to-date with trends. There is usually information available that has not yet been made available to the public, so it's a good way to get a jump start on a trend that seems promising. As an added bonus, the cost to attend these events is usually a tax deduction if you're a professional in the industry.

The most vital way to keep up with hospitality industry trends is to form a network with those in the industry whose business savvy and opinions are valued and revered in the business. Considering the hospitality industry is all about interacting with others, learning about their needs and keeping them happy, setting up a network and interacting with others in the industry is a good way to practice going about that. Send thank you notes for gifts and nice gestures, send texts and emails and make calls just to say hello, send gifts for special occasions and invite others to tag along to events.



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