How do I Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

Keeping a pregnancy journal, as with keeping any type of journal, is a very personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. You might choose to keep a daily journal throughout pregnancy, or a weekly journal for a more general overview. A simple notebook can work well as a pregnancy journal, but some people choose to purchase a dedicated journal designed to be kept throughout pregnancy, which may include helpful facts about pregnancy week by week.

One of the best ways to keep a pregnancy journal is to begin by considering what you hope to remember about your pregnancy. For example, you might want to remember the changes in your body, or the way you felt as the baby grew. You might want to make notes of your emotional response to the pregnancy, or your hopes and dreams for the future. A journal might also include notes about specific events during the pregnancy, such as a baby shower, or remembering certain people who may have made a difference to you throughout your pregnancy.


A pregnancy journal might also be kept for medical reasons. You might choose to write down various symptoms you experience throughout the pregnancy in order to share them with your doctor; you might also jot down questions or concerns you have to be addressed at regular doctor's appointments. A pregnancy journal also does not need to be a one-person endeavor; some couples find that keeping a journal together throughout pregnancy is a nice way to bond together. Some couples also choose to write letters to the unborn baby.

A pregnancy journal can include all this information and more. Many women like to take photographs of themselves each week throughout their pregnancy, so they can see the way their bodies change. These photographs can be included in the journal as well. Again, there is no right or wrong way to keep a journal such as this; this journal will be a personal memento that can be kept for years.

A pregnancy journal can make a great gift for a new mom. Some can be expanded to become baby books, so the new parents can continue to add to the journal even after the baby is born. Milestones like first smiles, first words, and first steps can all be recorded in the journal. A journal such as this can become a type of scrapbook as well.



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