How Do I Increase Worker Productivity?

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There are a number of different ways to increase worker productivity and ensure that employees are happy and feel appreciated for the work they do. One of the first ways is to set clear goals for each employee, and make him or her feel accountable. In addition, it is also very important to give employees a safe, enjoyable place to work as much as possible; certainly some environments might not be the most pleasant place to work, but safety rules should always be followed. Providing regular feedback, and offering rewards such as bonuses, is another great way to increase worker productivity.

In general, one of the best ways to increase worker productivity is to provide goals and direction to employees, but not to micromanagement. Keeping track of every little detail tends to make employees feel incompetent, and as if they can't be trusted. Conversely, in many cases setting goals and expecting the best from employees will encourage them to rise to those goals. Setting accountability, and within reason making sure an employee understands that it is his or her job to take responsibility for her actions and decisions, can also not just increase worker productivity, but cut down on mistakes.


On a practical level, the workplace should also encourage worker productivity by being safe and technologically advanced enough that workers can get their jobs done. New computers, functioning equipment, or cell phones may all be required investments for employees to be sure that they do not experience technical issues when trying to do their work. Many countries also have labor laws that specify the safety rules and regulations that must be in place in the workplace to ensure employees are not injured at work; making sure these laws are followed is another good way to increase worker productivity.

Employees who feel that they are really heard are also likely to be more productive as well. Regular meetings with management where an employee receives feedback on his or her work, and can ask questions or make suggestions in return, are very important. Giving employees the freedom to be creative and to share their own ideas will make them feel appreciated and increase enjoyment of work, which is directly related to productivity. Rewarding employees for good work with bonuses, promotions, or fun events can also increase feelings of appreciation. Increasing worker productivity can take time, but it is entirely possible with a little effort.



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