How do I Host a Romantic Dinner?

To host a romantic dinner for a date, anniversary, or just because, you need to consider the food you will serve, the atmosphere you wish to create and the level of formality you wish to obtain. A romantic dinner is a wonderful way to show a spouse or significant other that you appreciate them and want to make them happy. While taking them out to a restaurant is certainly nice, there is no denying the love and effort that goes in to hosting a special dinner just for the two of you.

In terms of food, you should cater your romantic dinner to the likes and dislikes of your partner. If they have always wanted to try a certain food, like ratatouille, your dinner is a perfect time to try it out. Do not think that your menu must be stuffy or traditional. If your significant other has always waxed eloquent about a meatball sandwich from a deli in their hometown, try special ordering it for them, or call the deli and ask for their recipe. One of the most romantic things you can do is show that you listen to their likes and dislikes.


For beverages, why not try mixing up their favorite cocktail for your romantic dinner at home? If you don’t know what they like or think it will conflict with the flavors in your meal, try making a classic drink with a romantic name, like a sex-on-the-beach, a white knight, or a love potion. For non-alcoholic drinks, try sparkling apple or berry cider. Again, romance doesn’t exclude familiarity. If your sweetheart is a chocolate milk fiend, fill a champagne flute with it and add a dollop of whipped cream.

Even if your romantic dinner menu consists of their favorite burritos and a soft drink they loved as a kid, the proper atmosphere can take a dinner from cozy to romantic in no time. Candles are always pretty, but do not use heavily scented varieties, as they can overwhelm the aromas of your dinner. Flowers from the garden or from a florist will almost always go over well, and add a touch of beauty even to an every day living room or kitchen. Consider putting a framed picture of the two of you on display, to remind them what your romantic dinner is celebrating. If you wish to have music, choose something peaceful that will not distract your conversation and enjoyment.

To set your table, spread out a pretty cloth and break out the good china. If you are having an outdoor romantic dinner or picnic, be sure to bring a ground cover large enough to hold the food and the two of you. Also consider bringing an extra blanket, in case you want to snuggle and watch the stars come out.

The most important thing you can do to make a romantic dinner a success is to make it all about the other person. By paying close attention to your partner’s likes, dislikes and aspirations, you can tailor the evening to them and show how much you pay attention. If your significant other is a movie-buff or aspiring filmmaker, cut out a Hollywood star out of paper and write her name on it for a placemat. If he is a sports fan, plan your dinner a couple of hours before a key game, so you can eat together and then watch together. The most romantic thing you can do is recognize his or her individuality and work it into every aspect of your evening together.



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