How do I Grow an Avocado Seed?

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Rich in vitamins B and E, avocados are a favorite fruit of many. For those with a passion for this fruit, the desire to grow an avocado seed is not surprising; however, it may not be easy. These plants can be difficult to grow, and may take some time to begin sprouting fruit. The large seeds may be taken from a store-bought avocado and either pre-sprouted in water or planted directly into soil; they may be planted in an inside pot; or they may be put out in a garden far from other plants.

To grow an avocado seed, many people begin by buying a ripe avocado from the market. The fruits can be cut open; then the seed may be dug out of the flesh, rinsed clean with cool water, and blotted dry. At this point, there are two options: the seed may be placed directly into soil, or it may be pre-sprouted in a drinking glass. For direct planting, the soil must be rich and well fertilized, and the seed should be soaked in warm water at least 48 hours in advance.


Pre-sprouting is a way to grow an avocado seed for all to see. To do this, a jar or glass should be filled with water; then the seed should be lightly penetrated with three toothpicks. The seed should be placed on the lip of the container base-down and only partially immersed in the water. The water should be changed every few weeks, and the glass should be placed in a warm, bright area. Three to six weeks later, the seed should begin to split, and roots will develop.

The roots will continue to grow, as will a stem. When the stem has grown to roughly 5 inches (12.7cm), the seed may be transplanted into soil. The pot should be filled about halfway with soil, and the plant placed root-side down. Extra soil may be added, but it is important to keep part of the seed above ground.

If the soil is kept moist, but not soggy, and is well fertilized, the avocado will continue to grow and can one day reach 40 feet (12.9m) in height. To grow an avocado seed that will eventually bear fruit, a second seed should be sprouted and planted near the first one. In a garden, it is important to keep the avocado tree far from other types of plants, as its extensive root system can damage them.



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