How Do I Go into Benefits Administration?

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Career opportunities in benefits administration may typically be found in companies that provide some type of benefits, such as insurance or savings plans, for employees. These jobs can be located in small businesses or large corporations. Some employers choose to administer benefits internally, while others may opt to outsource the role to a third-party firm. To go into benefits administration, you should complete an education with a focus on personnel management or finance and pursue employment in the human resource or treasury division at a firm.

As economies develop, demand for benefits administration increases. Companies need some management system to handle the insurance and retirement coverage for individual employees because these benefits are often tied to the compensation packages of personnel. The more education you pursue, the more likely you are to advance in this field. If your college or university sponsors any job fairs, consider using these gatherings as an opportunity to meet with employers from various industries and share your resume with them.

There are postgraduate programs in human resources and finance management that can support a career in benefits. The more industry training you receive to qualify you as a certified benefits administrator, the greater the value you may be bring to an organization. You do not typically need a law degree to enter the field of benefits administration, but some administrators do have a legal background, supporting the complex negotiation, analytical, and regulatory issues that can emerge.


To go into benefits administration, you may be wise to accept any entry-level opportunity that comes your way. If you choose to be more selective, you can narrow the field by deciding whether you prefer to work for a corporation in the private sector, a government agency in the public realm, or a third-party benefits provider. A reasonable entry point into this industry is a position in the personnel management division. Here, you should learn about the plethora of documentation and procedures involved with managing employee benefits. You can add valuable experience to your resume by becoming involved in the selection process for a new provider.

An accounting or treasury division may be involved in or even spearhead certain benefits for an organization. This may especially be true for retirement benefits. If your specialty is finance, you may enter benefits administration by beginning to work in the payroll or related department and in the meantime gain as much exposure as possible to the procedures involved with managing employee information.



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