How do I get Training in Child Care?

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If you're hoping for a career looking after children, you should make sure to have the required training in child care as required by the laws in your location. The first step is to determine what type of child care training you need based on the requirements of your area. You can consult government and educational websites as well as local day care providers to gain information about the child day care credentials you'll need. Once you have the required information, you can plan exactly how you'll get your training in child care.

Online child care training options may be convenient because you can often work at your own pace. Plus, you're able to earn course credits from home or other desired location. It's important to check the requirements in your area, as not all online child care classes are applicable toward an early childhood education diploma. Each state or region has a required number of child care training hours that are needed in order to become a professional child care provider. If you're able to take online courses as well as in person classes in which you can get the required hours of training in child care, a combination of web and traditional school may work well for you.


Child care training programs typically arrange situations in which students train by working in actual day care centers. This hands-on caring for children in a day care environment provides a number of required training hours as well as practical experience. After all, dealing with children in person is a lot different than just reading about them in a text book. Some early childhood education programs require students to arrange their own child care training practicums that will give them the required number of hands-on hours of experience.

If you need to arrange your own hands-on experience, you can contact local child day care centers to arrange hours in which you may receive training in child care. Child day care centers that are short-staffed are the most likely places to find day care providers willing to train you. Choosing day cares in which you'd like to eventually work for is a good idea. During your interview for training consideration, you should mention your relevant skills and knowledge gained through your early childhood education. For example, you should convey that you understand basic child development from birth to age 12, such as the general capabilities and growth milestones of the different ages.



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