How Do I Get Tourism Work Experience?

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If you want to work in the tourism industry, then you will first need to get some tourism work experience. In general, this requires a willingness to take a variety of jobs, even though they may not be in your preferred line of work. Putting in the time like this will help you to gain experience, make valuable contacts, and learn what you really want to do. Often, volunteer opportunities and internships are the best places to start when trying to get tourism work experience, and they look great on a resume. After this, you can begin narrowing down what you really want to do, and looking for opportunities in those areas.

The tourism industry encompasses an incredibly broad range of jobs. People who work in hotels, resorts, and restaurants may be considered part of the tourism industry, as well as those who work as travel agents or tour guides in cities. Travel writers and photographers are also a big part of the tourism industry, among many others. Each of these various jobs represents an opportunity to get tourism work experience, and learn more about the industry, so don't be afraid to explore all possible options when searching for openings.


Most people find that the best place to begin is with volunteer opportunities and internships. Even while still in college, there are plenty of ways to travel and work abroad while getting some great experience. After graduation, opportunities still abound. Many of these will be quite low in pay, if they are paid at all, but they will look great on a resume, and may open up a lot of other doors, in addition to helping you make valuable contacts that might be quite helpful in the long run. Even taking some temporary summer work or a basic, entry-level office job can be a good way to get tourism work experience.

Once you have gotten a little bit of work experience under your belt, you can begin to narrow it down, and target your job search a bit more. If you know you want to work as a travel writer or photographer, try to begin building your portfolio of published clips, for example. It is important to keep in mind that the travel industry is highly competitive, so it is necessary to build up as much tourism work experience as possible to make you appear more qualified for the job you really want.



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