How Do I Get the Cheapest Courier Charges?

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The best way to get the cheapest courier charges is to use the Internet to research the different delivery companies. Some couriers have better prices on deliveries that take a few days to a week to arrive, while others have more competitive overnight charges. To get the lowest possible courier charges, you need to take exact measurements of the dimensions and weight so that the quotes you receive are accurate. For large items, you can also make use of websites that allow different couriers to submit bids and receive the lowest possible charges in that way.

Courier companies are very diverse in coverage and service levels, so it can help to consider what you need to have delivered and where it is going. In many cases, the most attractive courier charges for a local shipment will come from a small company that is based in the same area as you. You may be able to obtain lower charges and faster delivery by dealing locally, but the Internet can also be an invaluable tool to determine how much each courier charges and to obtain specific quotes.


When looking for quotes, it is important to take exact measurements of your parcel. If the dimensions or weight that you provide the courier company are off, you may receive an inaccurate estimate and end up paying higher charges. Many couriers also have maximum dimensions, which may affect your ability to ship larger items. It is also common for couriers to have restrictions on items they will not carry, so finding the best shipping prices can depend on locating a company that will transport your item.

If you have a particularly large item that needs to be shipped, you may find the lowest courier charges by using a website that is designed for that express purpose. These services allow you to post the dimensions and weight of your parcel along with any time constraints, after which couriers can provide bids. This can allow you to select the lowest bid and obtain the best possible price for a shipment that could otherwise be very expensive.

Another factor to consider when looking for the best prices is any hidden courier charges that might exist. When you request a quote, it can be helpful to explicitly ask whether there are any other charges that might be applied to the shipment. Some couriers include fuel surcharges and other costs on a final bill that might not have been present in the original estimate. When you ship internationally, the courier may also have to pay import duties or other fees that you will then need to reimburse them for. If you inquire about such costs before shipping an item, you can make sure that you obtain the lowest total courier charges.



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