How Do I Get the Cheapest Call Charges?

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To lower your monthly phone bill, try using Internet-based phone services, getting a long distance calling plan, and shopping around for phone deals from competing telecommunication companies. Internet-based phone services are often inexpensive or completely free to use, but are generally not an option for people with slow Internet connections. For people that make numerous long distance calls, upgrading to a long distance calling plan is sometimes wise to save money in the long run. Also, remember that unless you have a contract with a phone company, you can usually switch companies for better deals and keep your old phone number.

In some situations, Internet-based phone services, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), can be used to reduce call charges or even eliminate them entirely. The use of these services typically involves a computer, a broadband connection, and an enabled microphone device. VoIP services employ varying payment schemes for initiating and receiving calls to and from different regions, but they are often less than the call charges levied by traditional telecommunications companies. One advantage of VoIP communication services is that sometimes if you are communicating with another person using the same service, the call is free. Many VoIP companies offer computer-to-computer calls for free in an effort to attract customers for their other offerings.


If you do not already have a long distance calling plan, you are likely paying more for long distance calls than necessary. While long distance calling plans usually cost extra than having a local calling plan, they can save money in the long run, especially if you spend a lot of time calling long distance. Compare the cost of a long distance calling plan to the long distance call charges on your last phone bill to determine if upgrading your plan will save money.

In some cases getting the cheapest call charges may involve shopping around and negotiating. Some telecommunications companies may be willing to reduce their prices and offer you a better deal if you agree to switch to their service. Even if you do not engage in negotiating, looking around for a better deal can ensure that you are not overpaying. Even if you are not eager to change providers, you may want to consider asking your current providers to lower your rates. Sometimes the thought of potentially losing a customer can encourage a service provider to be more accommodating.



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