How do I get the Best Online Pharmacy Prices?

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You can usually get the best online pharmacy prices by shopping around and comparing costs at various retailers. Always keep in mind that online pharmacies should be operated by licensed professionals, and should be accredited with the proper government organizations. Call or email each retailer to find out if your drugs will be handled by a professional pharmacist, and make sure the pharmacy has a physical location listed. Once you have a list of pharmacies that meet this criteria, you can begin comparing prices for your prescription medications.

Many pharmacies now have discounted drug lists to help consumers better afford their medications. These are generally generic versions of name brand drugs. When you begin looking for the best online pharmacy prices, find out if any of your options offer this service. If some of them do, find out which ones feature any medications you are currently taking on an ongoing basis. Should more than one have this option along with your prescription drugs, the choice can be decided by considering each option’s other qualities, such as customer service and ease of website navigation.


If none of the online pharmacies you are considering offer the discount drug list, tell each one the prescriptions you are currently taking and determine which one offers the best online pharmacy prices on the medications you use most. Prices may be close, but even a few dollars can make an difference over time. In the event that all prices are too high, you might also consider contacting larger chain pharmacies to find out if they offer online services.

In some situations, if you are having trouble affording your prescription medications, certain drug manufacturers may offer assistance. If the medications you are currently taking are not on a national discounted drug list and are not provided by a manufacturer with assistance options, talk to your doctor about alternative medications you may take. When using a drug manufacturer assistance plan, you may be required to purchase your drugs from a certain pharmacy or directly from the manufacturer.

After you have tried these methods, you should be able to find the best online pharmacy prices among licensed online pharmacies. If you still cannot afford your medications, some privately owned or small chain pharmacies may be willing to offer you discounted rates or a payment plan. Most national and larger chains do not have this option. You may also consider asking your doctor for medication sample packs in the amount you need. Doctor’s offices often get these for free, and they may be able to offer you a limited supply until you find the pharmacy that’s right for you.



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