How do I get the Best Home Refinance Rate?

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Securing the best home refinance rate often requires comparison shopping, and you may start by seeking rates from companies with which you already do business. For example, you may seek rate quotes from your bank or credit union as well as from the company that granted your original mortgage loan. You may also check rates through a mortgage broker and online. In fact, you may also find it helpful to check for the companies offering the lowest home refinance rate by looking in your local newspaper. Finding the institution that offers the lowest refinance rates doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best rates, however; making sure your credit is good and having a low income-to-debt ratio is important as well.

It may be logical to start your search for the best home refinance rate by contacting financial institutions with which you do business. For example, a bank at which you do business may offer attractive refinance rates. Likewise, a credit union may offer an attractive rate, and its rates may be even lower than those offered by a bank. You may also find that your current mortgage company is a good source of information when it comes to refinance rates as well.


Once you’ve received rate quotes from the institutions with which you do business, you may also use other sources to get low home refinance rate quotes. For example, you may choose to contact a mortgage broker for help finding the lowest rates. You may also search for and compare lenders online. Many offer free refinance quotes over the Internet. You may even check a local newspaper for the lenders offering the lowest rates and then contact those that interest you.

After making a list of the lenders that are offering the best home refinance rates, you may do well to compare them according to other factors. For example, you may consider the terms offered for refinance loans as well any application fees and other charges you will face. Once you’ve found the lender willing to offer the lowest rates and fees, you may decide that you are ready to apply for a loan.

Comparing refinance rates is a good way to secure the most attractive home refinance loan, but you’ll likely have to consider other factors as well. If you do not have good credit or you have too much debt, you may have a harder time securing the lowest home refinance rate. As such, cleaning up credit problems and lowering your debt may also help you secure the best home refinance rate.



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