How do I get the Best Heart Rate During Cardio?

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In order to get the best heart rate during cardio, you need to first find out what your target heart rate is. There are numerous resources online to help you calculate what your best heart rate is, but the most accurate method is the Karvonen Formula. Once you've determined your target heart rate, you're ready to exercise, using a heart monitor to ensure you stay within the target zone. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to be doing cardio workout training.

The best heart rate during cardio is determined by the heart rate that you most effectively burn fat at, and it is usually called the target heart rate. It may also be called fat burning zone or cardio zone. This heart rate varies with each person and should take into account the individual's heart health. It is true that cardiovascular exercise is important to maintain and build heart health, but over-exerting the heart is counterproductive and can lead to heart attack and death.

The target heart rate is determined by a variety of factors, including overall health, weight, and resting heartbeat. Your doctor is the first place to start when trying to find the best heart rate during cardio, as he or she can tell you what level of activity your heart can handle. Assuming your heart is healthy enough to do cardio, the next step is to calculate your target heart rate.


There are several target heart rate calculators available online that can be easily found by a simple Internet search. These will usually give you a very broad idea of what your target heart rate should be. This is generally a fairly good method of determining the best heart rate during cardio, but some of the calculators are overly simplistic.

One of the most thorough and accurate methods to find the best heart rate during cardio is to use the tried and true Karvonen Formula. It is a mathematical formula that starts by calculating the maximum heart rate. The formula, published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, is 206.9 - (0.67 x age) = maximum heart rate. Once you have the maximum heart rate, subtract your resting heart rate, which you can find by taking your pulse for a full minute after a period of resting, like first thing in the morning. After you have that number, multiply it by 65 percent for the low end of the target heart rate zone or by 85 percent for the high end of the target zone. Finally, add your resting heart rate to that number to find your target fat burning heart rate.

The final essential step in getting the best heart rate during cardio is to exercise with a heart monitor. Running, swimming, and dancing are all great cardiovascular workouts. While you exercise, keep an eye on the heart monitor and adjust your pace to stay within your target zone.



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