How Do I Get the Best Freelance Jobs?

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Finding the best freelance jobs can be a matter of the job seeker clearly identifying his or her priorities when searching for work. Some people may be primarily motivated by financial objectives and therefore should focus on finding jobs with the best rate of pay. Others may have chosen freelance work for some of its other perks, including greater flexibility in their working hours, more autonomy, or the ability to pick and choose assignments that interest them. In any of these cases, looking for freelance positions can be a full-time job by itself, so having a solid plan can greatly maximize efficiency and yield the best results. Job seekers who clearly identify their priorities, assemble a solid portfolio, and actively seek work from a number of different sources are the most likely to find the best freelance opportunities.

Those who are looking for freelance jobs should first take time to think about what they are looking to gain from this type of work. Many people may turn to freelancing as a temporary solution when looking for a full-time job after being laid off. Others may be homemakers who are in search of a way to earn extra income on a flexible schedule. Still other job seekers may intend to freelance for an indefinite period of time and see this situation as a permanent career move. There are numerous other reasons for freelancing that may determine the type of work that is the best fit for an individual.


Some people will have an easier time finding freelance jobs because they have skills or work experience that lends itself naturally to these types of positions. Most job seekers who are looking for freelance work, however, can tailor their resumes to highlight characteristics and experience that make them suitable for certain positions. While a freelance writing job may require a certain level of demonstrated ability in this field, other types of careers may focus more on a person’s overall talents as well as her ability to work independently or communicate effectively.

Once a resume and a portfolio, if applicable, have been created, a person can begin looking for assignments. A keyword search for “freelance” will bring up a long list of jobs on most career search engines, which can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to this field. Often, local recruiting agencies have freelance or contract opportunities available, so contacting them can be a valuable resource. Word of mouth can also be an excellent way to find the best freelance jobs on a local level. A job seeker who casually mentions his or her aspirations to friends, family, and acquaintances will often be pleasantly surprised with the results.



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