How Do I Get the Best Childbirth Education?

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A person preparing for the birth of a child has strong need for information and education. The most common ways to learn more about the process is through books, videos, and childbirth education classes sponsored by the hospital or doctor's office. These sources are ideal for offering new parents vital insight on the pregnancy and childbirth elements, including the baby's development, how to care for yourself during pregnancy and childbirth, and information for expecting fathers or partners. Many of these resources also mention care for the mother and baby after delivery and in the weeks following the event.

Most parents-to-be find a great deal of information included in childbirth education books. Both books and magazines can offer you a wealth of information about all aspects of the delivery and childbirth process. The ability to return to the pages of the childbirth books and magazines over and over again throughout the process is just one of the reasons so many new parents rely on them. You can find this type of helpful literature in your doctors' office or through your midwife, the hospital or birthing center you plan to deliver in, and most major bookstores. Online book merchants typically stock these books and materials as well.


Many people also find the information in childbirth education videos useful as well. You can choose from different video formats, such as DVDs, CD-ROM, and VHS tapes. The information contained in these videos vary, but you can expect to see informative commentary on before childbirth events through to what to expect after childbirth. You can watch these videos at your convenience and return to specific scenes or sections as needed. These childbirth tools can be found from reputable online resources, in bookstores, and from your medical care provider.

There are also a wide variety of childbirth education classes available to help you prepare for the birth of your child. Most hospital labor and delivery departments sponsor these classes for a small fee per couple or parent, though in some cases the course may be offered free of charge. During the childbirth courses, you can expect to learn how to best take care of yourself during the final months of pregnancy, what to expect during childbirth, and how to care for yourself following the delivery. These classes frequently also provide information about baby care and warn of some of the unexpected occurrences common when you and the baby return home.



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