How Do I Get Summer Work Experience?

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Summer work experience can be obtained by applying for traditional seasonal jobs, like working at pools or summer camps or by applying for internships and other special opportunities that take place in the summer. Depending on your age and education level, a variety of opportunities may be open to you. If you are able to travel, for instance, you may be able to find summer work at a resort or on a boat. For college students and other adults seeking summer work experience, paid internships and other focused career opportunities may provide more benefits in the long term.

One of the most straightforward ways to get summer work experience is to apply to jobs that are available only during the summer. Many camps and recreational facilities hire extra staff during the summer months. Getting these jobs may take some planning because they tend to hire in advance. These opportunities are perfect for workers who are still in high school, as they are typically supervised by adults if they are away from home.


Internships are available for many different educational levels, and these opportunities are usually during the summer because they are aimed at students. Many paid internships can be better than traditional jobs because they often focus on a unique and interesting career. While working as a cashier may provide more money, an internship in a field that may one day prove to be your career can help you get a better job later on. As such, if maximizing money is not your concern, an internship may be the best way to get summer work experience.

There are some work experience programs that operate with the explicit goal of improving employees and providing safe, stimulating opportunities for people who might benefit from this type of experience. These opportunities are often available primarily to disadvantaged youth or people who need a little help getting into the workforce. While these programs are not appropriate for everyone, they are a great solution for people who might otherwise be engaged in dangerous activities. Not all of these jobs pay workers, but they all provide excellent career support for their employees.

The key to getting summer work experience is to start applying for positions as soon as job listings become available. Applying for as many opportunities as possible is a good idea, because competition for summer employment can be fierce. Presenting yourself professionally with a resume and cover letter is also essential, because even though these jobs do not last long, they are still real jobs.



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