How do I get Strong Thighs?

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Strong thighs develop with a consistent workout routine that works the different parts of the thigh. One of the most common exercises to start developing strong thighs can be done anywhere, even in the living room in front of the television: squats work many muscles in the thighs and buttocks, helping tone and build muscle. Doing squats daily is an easy and convenient way to get started building strong thighs.

Other simple exercises that can be done without any special equipment include lunges. Lunges promote strong thighs by working the thigh muscles in bursts: when a person lunges forward, the forward leg must carry the weight of the body, then push the weight back up to straighten the body. Doing this repeatedly for a few minutes will help work the thigh muscles. For a longer, sustained muscle workout, a person can press his or her back against a flat wall, then lower the upper body until the legs are bent into a sitting position. Hold this position for as long as possible, then slide back up the wall.


If the user has a gym at his or her disposal, more options for developing strong thighs become available. The leg press works the hamstrings, lower back, and thighs to build and tone muscle. A leg press requires a special workout machine that allows the user to lie back with the feet pressing against a large plate. The user can then push against the large plate, which is loaded with weight, usually by a cable and pulley system. Doing repetitions of this exercise can help build strong thighs, but as with any weight machine workouts, it is important start small and progress slowly to heavier weights.

Another specialized piece of equipment allows the user to strengthen and tone the inner thigh and hips. The user sits on a straight backed chair and places the inside of each thigh on a padded arm. The arm can be adjusted to provide resistance in two directions: outward, in which the user will push the thighs inward, working the inner thigh, or inward, in which the user will push the thighs outward, working the thighs and hips.

Stair climbing machines are also a great way to work toward gaining strong thighs. These machines are fairly common in gyms and fitness centers, and they work the same muscles in the thigh that climbing a flight of stairs would work. If the user has a flight of stairs handy, they can be substituted for the stair climbing machine, but the machine provides comfort and safety that a regular stairway cannot offer.



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