How do I get Started in an Agricultural Job?

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Getting started in an agricultural job requires a high level of physical endurance and a strong work ethic. Most workers in this field begin by working as farm hands and moving their way up through either years of experience or college courses. The route you’ll need to take in order to land a job in this field will depend on the exact type of work you want to do.

If farming is an interest to you, then you may find beginning as a farm hand to be a good experience. You’ll learn the ropes on running and maintaining a farm, as well as gain inside experience in planting and harvesting crops. Handling heavy machinery and implementing them into your daily tasks will also be a part of your day.

Working your way up from a farm hand position can be difficult. You either need to find a farmer who will consider hiring a second in command, or develop the skills necessary for buying your own farm. This can be done by either purchasing an existing farm or buying land and starting from scratch.

To find work as a farm hand, visit local farms or orchards and ask about employment positions. These job may not pay much at first, while still requiring hard physical labor and long days. Be ready to endure this learning phase, and develop your plans for career advancement.


Other agricultural job options include researching new ways to grow crops. This field will often require a college degree, particularly one in agriculture or a science related field. It also demands an extensive knowledge on the growing process, how plants reproduce, and how hybrid crops can be made.

Marketing and advertising can also be an agricultural job. Although most marketing professionals do not necessarily specialize in one industry or another, there are those who find a very rewarding career by choosing a niche and sticking with it. College is not necessarily needed if you intend to become self-employed, but you will need an extensive knowledge of the marketing process and consumer behavior. You may also choose a specific segment of advertising or marketing, such as copy-writing or design.

Any agricultural job will require a love of growing things and a willingness to work hard. This industry has its fair share of ups and downs in terms of sales and profit potential. Many farmers in various parts of the world continue to struggle due to economic or environmental factors.

Be prepared for hard times if you intend to start your career as a grower or farmer. No matter how hard you work, sometimes mother nature does not cooperate. The success or failure of many seasons can depend on environmental factors. New technology in irrigation and frost protection can help, but do not alleviate all hardships if harsh conditions persist for too long. You should always save as much money and material as possible, and when able, plant more than you think you'll need.



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