How do I get Self-Help Motivation?

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When you're looking for self-help motivation, start by taking a few minutes to clearly identify your problem. Although it may seem strange at first, stating out loud what you want and need in the way of helping yourself can be a very powerful motivator. Doing this motivational exercise out loud forces you to clarify your thoughts, feelings, needs and goals articulately. By having a clear notion of what you want to be motivated for, you're more likely to come up with methods that will get you feeling inspired to tackle your problems.

Visiting your public library to look through self-help books and reference materials may spark some ideas that will motivate you. If you feel more overwhelmed or unfocused than inspired, concentrating on the biggest need you have for self-help motivation may be a successful strategy. Another method that motivates many people to help them get what they want is an analysis of their different lifestyle areas, such as career, health and social life. You examine which aspects of each life facet that you're happy with as well as the parts you want to improve. For instance, you may enjoy the quality of your social life, but decide you should have more friends; by figuring this out, you've now got a motivating factor to fulfill your goal.


Keep in mind that if you have a more serious issue in which you require motivation to find solutions for, such as schizophrenia self-help, going to a qualified source for information and guidance is often best. Attending a self-help group of others with the same condition or circumstances as you can be informational as well as inspirational. A person's self-help motivation may also be lacking due to depression or other health issues, so seeing a qualified medical professional for guidance and options may be necessary. If you understand the reasons why you may be lacking self-motivation, you're more likely to be able to work through them and keep moving toward your goals.

Setting a time limit within which to achieve each goal is important. Plan small rewards to help you stay motivated and in an achievement-oriented mode. For example, if you want self-help motivation to complete an important project, reward yourself after finishing each of its main steps or parts. The best motivating rewards tend to be things that you enjoy, but don't usually take the time for, such as a bubble bath, spa treatment or a day spent window shopping or playing tourist in your favorite nearby city or town.



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