How do I get Rid of Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, occurs when the eye becomes red and inflamed due to an infection or an allergic reaction to any number of things. The eye becomes red, itchy, and uncomfortable, and while most cases of pink eye resolve themselves after a few days, other steps may be taken to get rid of pink eye before it spreads to other people. This is especially important in school-aged children, who may pass the infection to one another in classroom settings. Irrigating the eye with clean, cold water can sometimes provide itch relief and work to get rid of pink eye over the course of several days.

Sometimes bacteria can cause pink eye, which means antibiotics can be used to get rid of pink eye. Such medications are typically only prescribed if the bacterial infection does not resolve itself after three days. A bacterial infection usually produces pus, or a discharge that settles around the eye, sometimes even causing the eyelids to stick together. Rinsing the eye with cool water can provide soothing relief and help clear up some of the pus. If, after three days, the infection has not cleared up, the sufferer should see a doctor to see if using an antibiotic can be used to get rid of pink eye.


Viral infections that cause pink eye also typically resolve themselves within a few days, and there are no other cures to get rid of pink eye in this case. Cool compresses can be used to soothe the pain and relieve some of the itching, and eye drops — also known as artificial tears — can also be used to help keep the eye from becoming overwhelmingly itchy or irritated. People who are suffering from a viral infection that causes pink eye should be careful to avoid sharing towels, touching the face, and touching others while the infection is present.

An allergic reaction that causes pink eye can be treated with antihistamines or even anti-inflammatory medications. Very often this type of pink eye will resolve itself as the other symptoms of allergic reactions subside, though pouring water over the eyes and letting the water drain off naturally can help get rid of pink eye irritation and itching. The anti-inflammatory medications can help relieve some of the pain or irritation, though this in itself is not a cure. Doctor-prescribed eye drops specifically made to treat such pink eye may also help get rid of pink eye.



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