How do I get Rid of a Sunburn?

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A sunburn is often quite painful and rarely makes anyone look good, which is why most people are eager to get rid of the issue. Unfortunately, healing takes time, but there are some remedies to treat the pain and help the recovery process along in the meantime. One of first steps is to apply soothing creams and sprays that are known for healing the skin while relieving pain, such as aloe vera. You can also try to get rid of a sunburn using home remedies that involve applying household cleaning items and even food products to the skin. Finally, some simple habits that you probably already have, such as drinking water, can help speed up the process.

Aloe vera is one of the most well-known ways to get rid of a sunburn while relieving pain. This can be purchased from just about any grocery store or pharmacy. There are also products that contain some aloe vera, along with a combination of vitamin E and cocoa butter, as these items are known for helping to heal the skin quickly. Additionally, there are products aimed at purely relieving pain, such as sprays that contain lidocaine to help numb the skin temporarily. You can use apply of these products generously to help reduce discomfort while allowing the skin to heal.

You may be able to get rid of a sunburn using items that you likely already have at home. For example, white vinegar can be dabbed onto a washcloth or put into bath water to create a soothing feeling while helping you avoid blistering. Dabbing cold milk onto the skin can also soothe it while helping it heal faster. Plain yogurt, crushed tomatoes, and mustard are also food products that can be applied to the skin to reduce pain and get rid of a sunburn. You can try each of these home remedies, one at a time, until you find the one that works best for you.

Another way to avoid heading to the store to purchase special creams is to simply ensure that you stick to healthy habits. Drinking lots of water everyday can help your body heal the skin fast, as can staying out of the sun as much as possible while you recover. You can still take showers or baths, but you will likely feel more comfortable using cool water instead of hot. You should also use a loofah to exfoliate, which will help get rid of a sunburn fast by shedding most of the burnt layers of skin, similar to the natural peeling that eventually takes place after a sunburn. Keep in mind that severe sunburns should always be treated by a doctor.



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