How do I get Rid of a Cold?

There are many ways to get rid of a cold, whether you're trying to relieving symptoms or actually shorten the amount of time that you have the virus. Relieving symptoms can mean taking over-the-counter medications, taking a bath or hot shower to help relieve congestion, gargling with salt water, and drinking plenty of water. In order to get rid of the virus faster, you might try eating nutritional food items, drinking plenty of fluids, resting, and taking products that are meant to boost the immune system and that contain zinc or vitamin C.

Your immune system must work extremely hard to get rid of a cold. In order for the immune system to keep doing its job, you should continue to give it the nutrients it needs. You can do this by eating nutrient-rich food, like chicken soup. Not only does the soup provide healthy vegetables and protein, it also includes liquid to hydrate you.


It's also important to drink plenty of fluids when you have a cold. In addition to nutrition from food, your body needs liquids to keep it from becoming dehydrated. Extra hydration can also help thin out the mucus your body is producing, which may allow you to clear out your sinuses more quickly. Water generally is considered to be the best liquid, but juices, teas, and sports drinks that are not high in sugar might also help. Be sure to continue to drink fluids throughout the duration of your cold, as well as afterward, to keep your immune system strong.

Rest can do wonders in helping your body get rid of a cold. Your body is doing extra work trying to rid itself of the cold germs, so it will need rest to keep itself going. Sleeping, watching television, or reading a book are all ways that you can relax and let your body recover its strength. Make sure to maximize the amount of rest that you get to get better more quickly.

Some people feel that taking products high in vitamin C and zinc will help boost the immune system and provide a more rapid recovery from the cold. Other people argue that these items do not do much in the way of helping someone get rid of a cold. There does not seem to be any harm in taking them as directed, so if you feel like they help, there's no reason not to do so.



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I don't do much differently when I have a cold. I just drink lots of water and eat comfort food. The comfort food seems to help the most because it makes me happy.

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@donasmrs--Those are great tips on how to get rid of a cold quickly. Do you also increase your vitamin C intake?

Rest is the number one rule I follow when I have a cold. Number two on my list is vitamin C. Vitamin C boost the immune system, so I have a lot of orange juice, fresh fruits and steamed veggies when I'm sick.

Another great remedy for colds is ginger. Ginger tea and ginger candies are wonderful during a cold. Just like vitamin C, ginger also supports the immune system and fights bacteria and viruses. Ginger is great for the stomach too. So if you have stomach upset or nausea, suck on a piece of fresh ginger or put it in your tea. It will relive your symptoms.

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Colds are due to viruses? I thought that it was due to not keeping warm.

I don't know about the cause, but I do know that heat is the only thing that gets rid of my cold faster. I have a hot water bottle that I use when I have a cold. I keep the house warm, get in bed with the hot water bottle on my feet and sip on hot liquids. My cold is usually gone in a few days.

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