How do I get Plastering Training?

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Plastering training is required for anyone who wants to work in the construction or renovation industry as a plasterer. Many people combine plastering with painting, as the skills are quite compatible. A plasterer is someone who is able to apply a wet plaster compound to connect walls, cover bulkheads, and create artistic works that add aesthetic value to structures and buildings.

Plastering training is widely available from a broad range of community and career colleges, as well as community centers. The programs offered through formal post-secondary educational institutes are primarily focused on preparing candidates for employment in this field. Training provided by a community center is typically for someone who is looking for a hobby or has a specific project that they want to do.

Plastering training programs typically take 12 to 16 weeks to complete. These programs provide the skills necessary to obtain and keep a position for a plaster and painting company or a general renovation firm. The training program is divided into two components: theory and practical. The first part is classroom-based and covers the factors that impact the selection of the plaster, the appropriate use of tools, proper technique to minimize injury, and health and safety.


The practical aspect focuses on the different techniques for applying plaster, preparation of the surface, fixing plaster cracks, and other skills. Many programs also include classes in mixing plaster by hand, changing the color, and modifying the texture once applied. All these skills are valuable to potential employers.

There are some plastering training courses designed for homeowners or people who want to incorporate this material into their art or other work. These courses are much shorter and are typically offered in the evenings or on weekends, to accommodate students who are working full time. Read the course description with care to ensure that you select a course that meets your needs and goals.

Plastering training programs cost between $900 and $3,000 US Dollars (USD). Included in this cost is a fee for materials, textbooks, and the use of a shop or laboratory for training and perfecting technique. Many plastering training programs can be completed part time, allowing students the flexibility to work and study simultaneously.

Upon successful completion of plastering training, candidates can open their own business, offering painting and plastering services, or work for an established firm. Most people start their careers in this field working for someone else. This type of experience provides valuable insight into how to price a job, estimating materials, and managing multiple projects. These skills are essential when running a plastering firm.



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