How Do I Get out of a Dead End Job?

It may be tempting to just quit your dead end job immediately, but you should hang onto that job for just a bit longer as you develop a strategy to elevate yourself into a better position. Even if you hate your job, it is important to leave that job on good terms; this makes it possible to use your employer as a reference in some cases, and it prevents hostility among people who can potentially help you into a better situation. If you are fed up with your dead end job, begin making an inventory of your skills and talents.

Knowing yourself well will help you determine what types of jobs you are likely to be qualified for and good at. Think about what makes you interesting, unique, and valuable, and write those things down on a piece of paper. Then, on that same piece of paper, make a list of your interests, hobbies, and any recreational activities you enjoy. Try to think of jobs that might combine any of those items on your two lists; if you don't know of any jobs that fit the bill, take a look through the classified section of your local newspaper. You can also visit a career counselor at a community center or a college who can lend some insight as to where to find jobs you would be good at.


Your skills may not take you all the way, however, and you may need to get some more schooling to get out of your dead end job. If this is the case, make sure you are saving some of the money you earn at that job to pay for job training classes or even a degree program. Community colleges often offer affordable courses at convenient hours, so you will be able to develop new skills on your schedule without breaking the bank. You may want to consider visiting with a guidance counselor or advisor at the school who can help you design a program to get you out of your dead end job and into a more rewarding career.

Know yourself well enough to figure out if you should take very small steps to leave your dead end job, or if you should take a giant leap. Some people are motivated enough to start their own businesses, dive head on into a job search, or begin networking to find a better job. Other people need to take baby steps to prepare themselves for the stress of the job hunt. Know which method will work best for you, even if you are willing to branch out beyond your comfort level.



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