How do I get Online Medical Transcription Training?

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Online medical transcription training is a great way to quickly access the specific training necessary to work as a medical transcriptionist. A medical transcriptionist is someone who receives audio files from physicians and surgeons. The transcriptionist listens to the recording and transcribes that text into written documents. These documents are then added to patient files, or form the basis for other work, reports, or diagnosis. Excellent hearing, attention to detail, and language skills are required to work in this field.

There are two types of classes for online medical transcription training: advanced and basic. A basic course is required to work an a medical transcriptionist. This program is typically seven to nine months full time or 12 to 18 months part time. Advanced classes are required to work in different areas of specialization, such as medical malpractice lawyer offices or related specialties, where the reports are relied upon in a court of law.

The level of online medical transcription training programs varies quite widely, depending on the institute and its target audience. Read the course description carefully, and make sure it provides the appropriate level of detail for your needs. Another clue to the level of the course is the prerequisites.


Online courses should be taught by qualified instructors. This is very important because the level of skill of the instructor has a huge impact on the depth of material that can be covered. The instructor is responsible for writing the course notes, creating the recorded lectures, and facilitating discussions. Traditional schools offering online courses typically use the same instructors as their classroom courses.

Look for information about the number of hours the online system is available, opportunities to interact with other students, and instructor support. Online medical transcription training should provide the same opportunities for hands-on learning as would be available in a traditional classroom setting. All the technology required to do this is readily available and should be used to enhance the learning experience.

Research the different online schools and make sure you check references, and follow-up to ensure the school is legitimate and offers training that meets a specific set of standards. Medical transcription is a skill that cannot be learned independently. Techniques that allow you to combine accuracy and speed are essential to performing the tasks of this position. Poor training can also result in repetitive strain injuries and other issues that negatively impact your quality of life and income.



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