How do I get Nurse Aide Training?

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Training to be a nurse’s aide is a process that can take up to several months. In order to qualify for any type of nurse aide training, a candidate must meet specific criteria in terms of education and other abilities as determined by the sponsor of the program. While there is some variance in how different nurse aide training center programs function, there is a core process that applies in just about every situation.

Before it is possible to enroll in any type of nurse aide training, the candidate must have a high school diploma or have successfully obtains a GED. This helps to ensure the student will possess the basic skills needed to learn the duties of a certified nurse’s aide and perform them with competency. Along with a basic education, it is not unusual for a certified nursing aide training program to favor students who have successfully completed classes such as chemistry and biology.

Many programs also give special consideration to applicants who have volunteered at hospitals or other types of medical facilities. This is because much of the work of a trained nursing aide is focused on direct patient care under the direction of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. Understanding the way a hospital floor functions and getting some idea of what functions are restricted helps to expedite the learning process while enrolled in the certified nurse aide training program.


There are two types of nurse aide training programs to consider. An employer-sponsored program is often available to people who already work for a medical facility in some other capacity, but who wish to become a nurse’s aide. Courses of this type are usually accelerated and may take no more than a month to complete. The alternative is an adult education program that is offered at a local technical school. A nurse aide training program of this type may take up to six months to complete, but is a better option for anyone who does not have the benefit of currently working in a hospital.

Upon successfully completing the nurse aide training program, it is necessary to obtain certification before actually accepting an aide position in any type of medical facility. In the United States, each state sets the standards for certification. Most states require a minimum of 16 hours of clinical training at a medical facility along with roughly 60 hours of classes and study time in a recognized training program. There is usually a series of routine tasks that must be performed to the satisfaction of the individual administering the examination. Many states also require a short written exam before granting certification.



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