How do I get Negotiation Skills Training?

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Negotiation is a skill that involves talking with one or more people to come up with a mutually agreeable resolution to an issue or problem. Typically, negotiations take place every day — on the job, in courtrooms, in car dealerships, and in many other aspects of everyday life. Negotiation skills can be easily taught, and many online and brick-and-mortar schools offer negotiation skills training.

One of the easiest ways to receive negotiation skills training is to find articles about negotiation tactics on the Internet or to take an online class. There are several benefits to this approach. You can find exactly the information you are looking for at the touch of your fingertips. The material is usually free or relatively inexpensive. Also, you get to select the pace at which you absorb the material while relaxing in the privacy of your own home.

There is, however, one big drawback to online learning. You do not get a chance to practice the techniques you are reading about, and role playing is generally considered an important part of negotiation courses. It can be reassuring to have practiced the skills you have learned before walking into an actual negotiation.


Brick-and-mortar negotiation skills training classes can be any length, from a one day seminar to an entire semester at a local community college. Most live classes offer plenty of time to practice negotiation tactics with the instructor present to offer suggestions. Live classes can be expensive, however, and while some employers pay for them, others will not. People who are shy or who have trouble with role playing may also not be well suited for the live learning environment. In addition to basic negotiation, some negotiation skills training classes specialize in specific types of negotiations, such as sales negotiations, labor-management negotiations, and police negotiations.

Whatever kind of course you take, you will probably learn some basic negotiation tactics. The first of these is preparation. Whenever you walk into a negotiation you should know what you hope to get out of it. You should also know which points are flexible and which are not.

Negotiation courses also teach the basics of good communication skills. Active listening is vital to any successful negotiation. So is being able to ask for what you want in a clear, persuasive manner. Also, you will learn to look for and build on areas of agreement rather than following the natural tendency to focus on areas of conflict.

Getting good negotiation skills training can enhance your value as an employee. The skills can also help smooth transactions in your personal life. Whether you prefer to learn by reading information from a computer screen or practicing your new skills in front of a class, there are many resources available to learn negotiation tactics.



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