How do I get Maintenance Training?

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There are four ways to get maintenance training: self-learning, online courses, community college training, and on-the-job training programs. Maintenance training can include a wide range of mechanical systems, ranging from heating to mechanical. The level of maintenance training provided varies widely, depending on the organization and the needs of the student. For example, someone interested in mechanics and maintenance as a hobby requires a less rigorous program than someone looking to become professionally certified in maintenance.

Self-learning can be completed through books, videos, magazines, online web communities, or simple trial and error. Many people start off with this method of maintenance training, as it requires a minimal investment of money and time. Maintenance training is applicable to almost every type of mechanical device and can be quite enjoyable for many people.

Online courses in different types of maintenance training are available from dedicated online schools and traditional schools. Take the time to review the course description in detail and determine if the course meets your needs. Keep in mind most maintenance training has a practical element to it and there are a limited number of courses that can be completed completely online.


Community colleges offer everything from full diploma programs to short weekend courses in maintenance training. The type of course, length, material, and cost are all based on the student's requirements. Review the course descriptions and talk with the admissions counselor to get a true sense of the information that will be covered in the class.

Many jobs that have a mechanical component to them provide on-the-job training. The actual training can be provided by the lead mechanic or a dedicated trainer. The quality of this training is often superior to that of more general courses, as it is in the employer's best interest to provide quality training to staff.

People who have an interest in mechanical devices and repairs are very likely to learn how to maintain equipment through trial and error. He or she may enjoy tearing a machine down to clean and lubricate the parts, then reassembling it. This type of activity is a great way to learn how a machine was assembled, the intricacies of the parts, and how they all work together. Be sure you can put the device back together before taking it apart!



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