How Do I Get into Broadcast Advertising?

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The best way to get into a paid career in broadcast advertising is a combination of a college degree and related experience in the field. A good first step is to narrow down your career choice, since advertising is a broad field encompassing many different formats. Some of the careers in the broadcast advertising field include creative positions such as copywriter or art director, sales jobs, or technical spots such as a cameraperson. For any of these jobs, at least a bachelor's degree in a related discipline is essential, such as in marketing or communications. It's also important to have some real world experience, which can be acquired through an unpaid internship or a part-time or temporary job.

Broadcast advertising can be an exciting career choice with relatively good earning potential. Many people are attracted to the idea of working in television and radio, and there are many possible specialties within the field. People who are looking for creative careers can work in copywriting or art design, creating the words and images that make ads come to life. Those who are interested in business can try sales or account management. Individuals with technical skills can become involved in the audio-visual aspect of the production of radio and TV ads, such as sound mixing and cinematography.


In order to acquire a position in any of these specialties, an individual needs to be knowledgeable and qualified. The best way to develop the necessary expertise and break into a broadcast advertising career is a combination of education and experience. The minimum college education required for most careers in broadcast advertising is a bachelor's degree. It's a good idea to get a degree in a subject area that is closely related to the desired career path, for example communications, advertising, or marketing. Other possible degree disciplines include journalism, visual arts, English, and business.

Another vital prerequisite for landing a paying job is real world experience. It's important to start building a resume with broadcast advertising experience early, and many people start while they are still in college. One way to gain valuable entry-level experience is by taking an unpaid internship, as interning with a highly regarded organization can be impressive on a resume. Another possibility is to find a part-time or temporary position, because these jobs are often more likely to go to a college student with limited experience. Once a job seeker has some experience to complement his or her education, it's much easier to land a paid full-time position in the chosen broadcast advertising career.



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