How do I get Hearing Aid Assistance?

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Hearing aids are simple but effective devices that allow people suffering with a partial hearing loss to enjoy the sounds of the world around them. While some health plans have provisions for assisting people who require a hearing aid, others omit this type of coverage altogether. This leaves people who are uninsured or who do not have the cost of hearing aids covered in their health plans left with the necessity of paying for the devices out of pocket. If you are among this number and can’t afford the expense, there are several potential avenues for hearing aid assistance that you can explore.

One option is to contact manufacturers of different hearing aids. In some cases, these hearing aid companies have established programs to help people within certain income brackets secure one of their products at a discounted price. Hearing aid manufacturers may provide a discounted direct sale to a consumer, or send the consumer a discount coupon that can be used at a local retailer. In either case, this form of hearing aid assistance can easily cut the price of the device anywhere from a third to half the suggested retail price.


Along with hearing aid companies, you may be able to obtain hearing aid assistance from a national association or other non-profit organization. While it may take some effort to research this option, it is usually possible to compile a list of three to five organizations that could potentially provide the assistance. Some are geared toward helping a specific demographic within the general population, so make sure you meet their criteria before submitting an application.

Your doctor may have information about organizations within the community that help deserving people acquire hearing aids for little or nothing. It is not unusual for a local healthcare association or civic group to set aside funds that help to partially or completely offset the cost of a hearing device. If you meet the qualifications set in place by the organization in question, the hearing aid assistance may be approved in as little as a week.

Don’t overlook the Internet in your efforts to identify organizations that may provide hearing aid assistance. It is not unusual for local and national resources to operate a web site that will feature all the specifics of their programs, including the qualifications an applicant must meet in order to receive assistance. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, use the Internet services provided by public libraries.

Living with a hearing loss can mean an inability to participate in many family and community activities. Fortunately, even people with limited resources can often receive hearing aid assistance and be able to fully participate in those activities once again.



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