How do I get Food Safety Training?

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Keeping food safe is crucial to restaurants and other facilities that serve food. When food reaches a certain temperature, it can grow harmful bacteria and cause harm to the people who eat it. This is one reason why food safety training is so important, as it teaches the proper way to handle and store food. With the help of online programs and instructional seminars, there are many opportunities for employees in the food industry to complete food safety training.

Some universities offer both undergraduate and advanced degrees in food safety. The programs focus on food safety issues such as proper sanitation, food storage and disposal. Included in the curriculum are courses on workplace food guidelines and agriculture production. Students would take additional classes in science and microbiology for a master's of science in food safety.

Adults who do not have time to attend classes in person can get an online degree in food safety training. There are numerous online degrees and certificate programs available for individuals in the food industry. Students sign in at a designated time to take part in the class, print off their coursework and then email it back to the instructor. Some of the online food safety classes cover food safety management and food manufacturing policies.


Professionals who have already taken classes in food safety but just need to keep current on the latest food safety guidelines can attend local seminars. Many organizations that govern the food service industry host conferences to update workers on jurisdictional regulations. Topics usually include passing food and health inspections, types of certified food equipment and sanitation practices. Some seminars discuss a particular subject such as food-related illnesses and airborne germs that can contaminate food.

There are also consultants who travel directly to businesses upon request to provide food safety training. Food safety consultants discuss important laws for areas such as food packaging and temperature guidelines. Other topics include preparing and processing foods along with cleaning food equipment. Food safety consultants also instruct employees how to keep areas free from rodents and insects in the workplace.

Workers and food companies can also get online food safety training from businesses that specialize in food safety awareness. These professionals offer services such as training on food management software and safety programs catered to the individual’s company or restaurant. Materials used in these programs include videos, interactive courses and examinations. Courses are unique to the worker’s jobs, including the jobs of as kitchen staff, servers and warehouse workers.



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