How Do I Get Fiber-Optic Certification?

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There are several ways that you can receive fiber-optic certification. You can work in the field without certification, but you will have many more job opportunities if you are certified. Working with fiber optics is a rewarding career that has much room for advancement. To get certification, you can attend fiber optic classes or work in the field for the training you need to take the exam.

In order to get fiber-optic certification, you will need knowledge of the basics of fiber optics. You will have to understand how cables work and the different types of cables, how to splice and install them and how to test them. You also will have to understand fiber optic terminology.

Formal courses are offered by various schools in online and offline formats. The price for the courses varies. In some courses, you can receive fiber-optic certification that will allow you to work in any capacity in the field. Other fiber optic courses will give you certification in specific areas, such as becoming a technician or an installer. Some companies will pay for you to attend courses.


On-the-job training is a good way to avoid the cost of formal courses while still gaining the experience that you need to take certification tests. You could begin work as an assistant, which will allow you to help install fiber optic cables and receive the training you need to advance from being an assistant to being an installer. You can be trained for other jobs as well while you work. After you have gained experience, you can sit for a certification test in either your area of expertise or as a general technician. You typically will need at least a year of experience working before you can take a certification test.

People who have been trained in the military might find that civilian employers do not understand the fiber-optic certification they have attained. This can cause great difficulties in the job field. There are certification tests that military members can take that will show a potential employer that they have the training for which the employer is looking.

In order to get fiber-optic certification, you have to have more than just hands-on experience or theoretical knowledge. You must prove you have both the knowledge and the skills. You will have to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the fundamentals and be able to prove that you know how to perform different tasks through hands-on skill tests. If you are taking fiber optic courses, the instructors will give you lab exercises, and if you work in the field, you will have to show proof of industry experience. You can do this with a résumé.



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