How do I get Environmental Training?

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Environmental training encompasses a range of skills, from environmental cleanup to minimizing the impact of people on the planet. There are three ways to get environmental training: self-teaching, formal post-secondary education, and on-the-job training opportunities. When looking for environmental training, it is important to decide what specific skills you want to obtain, and exactly how you want to use them.

Self-instruction utilizes two resources: online tools and books. Online tools include free courses from environmental organizations, colleges, MIT®, and community groups. The books for environmental training should be published from major publishing firms. Avoid the vanity press or self-published materials, as they may lack a degree of editing that may be helpful.

When selecting materials for a self-instruction program, it is important to validate the quality of the materials first. The best way to do this is to read the references used in the book. Next, look at the names and credentials of the editors and academic reviewers. This information is located in the back of the every textbook.

Post-secondary education programs in environmental training are available at the college and university levels. These programs are typically offered through the environmental studies or science school. Understanding the inter-relationship between the different aspects of the environment, along with the impact of people are covered in these programs.


Formal education is one of the most popular ways to complete environmental training, as it provides the credentials required to qualify for a range of environmental jobs. The length of the program varies from one year to five years. Due to the rapid growth of the environmental protection industry, there are a series of post-graduate diploma or certificate programs that provide environmental training.

Many jobs in the environmental field and industry provide on-the-job training to new employees. The training program varies from a four- to six-week program to a full-year intense training. Typically, the shorter training programs are offered to candidates in entry-level or front-lines positions. Management or supervisory staff receive longer environmental training, as they may have gained their experience in other fields.

When completing on-the-job training programs, take notes and talk to your human resources department about obtaining a certificate or transcript of courses taken through staff development. This documentation will be helpful when applying to other positions within the same company or in another company. These programs tend to be industry specific and may include training on specific machines or issues that do not apply to other fields.



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