How do I get Binge Eating Help?

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Binge eating, usually distinguished from conditions like bulimia where people overeat and then purge or force themselves to a vomit, is a painful and serious condition. It can cause excessive weight gain, and it results in feelings of intense guilt and shame that fuel the condition, making it difficult to stop. When people are ready, there are a number of places they could get binge eating help. Any one of these can begin the process of recovery and healing.

One of the most logical places to get binge eating help is with a trusted physician. This could be a family doctor, gynecologist, or even a family friend who is a doctor. What most general practitioners and specialists can do is help the person find more specific resources for addressing the issue. Family doctors probably wouldn’t treat binge eating without additional help, but due to their connections they can assist patients in finding the treatment they need. Such a request to a doctor to get binge eating help is also private, which can of great use to the person suffering from guilt over this problem.


When people don’t have a doctor they trust, they may want to look at the people available in their lives who are trustworthy. These could include school counselors, a dear friend, parents or siblings, a respected teacher, or others. If people are worried about keeping the matter private, they could get binge eating help outside of their circle of friends or acquaintances. For instance seeing a psychotherapist might be a good place to start, or people could contact their local public health department for information about binge eating.

Group help can assist and one group that may be useful is Overeaters Anonymous. This is fashioned on the twelve step principles developed in Alcoholics Anonymous, and is usually peer-led. There are other twelve step or support groups for people with eating disorders, but many people find binge eating help is best had in groups where people intimately understand the stress and discomfort accompanying this specific disorder.

Some people also get binge eating help through a variety of books and Internet resources. Helpfulness of these is sometimes disputed. It’s recommended people consider self-help resources as part of a treatment plan that involves other types of support.

There are hospital programs that offer binge eating help. Those who need greater support might consider these. They can provide the person with a wide variety of emotional support, group participation, and re-teaching about food’s place in life. Some folks may not have access to these programs since not all insurance companies will pay for them.

Making a decision to get binge eating help is an important one in a process that can take a long time. Many people are never able to take this step, and they pay for it emotionally and physically. No matter where people start, there is help for this condition and it is something that can be controlled and recovered from with the appropriate support.



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