How do I get Automotive Technician Training?

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The path you'll have to follow to become an automotive technician may depend on where you live, the preferences of the employers in your area, and the types of training that are accessible. In some places, you can secure automotive technician training through a local high school or by enrolling in a automotive program at a community college. Many vocational schools offer this type of training as well. Additionally, you may take advantage of apprenticeship opportunities to learn more about this field or even secure on-the-job training.

One way to get automotive technician training is to enroll in an automotive training program. You may find such a program by searching a local community college's program catalog. You may also find automotive technician training programs through vocational schools. While the requirements you’ll have to meet to become an automotive technician may vary from place to place and employer to employer, you may do well to select a program that is accredited. When you choose an accredited program, you can usually be sure that it will meet basic standards of education and training in your area.


Where you seek automotive technician training may depend on your age and current level of education. In some places, high schools provide automotive training programs in which high-school-age students can enroll. Such a program may provide the training you need to graduate not only with a high school education, but also with a valuable skill you can use to seek employment. In most cases, however, a program that is provided through a community college or a vocational school will provide more in-depth training than a high school program.

If you've already graduated from high school, you may choose to enroll in an automotive technician training program that ends with an associate’s degree. In many cases, these programs can be completed in about two years. Additionally, there are some training programs that end with certificates rather than degrees. Certificate programs vary in length. Some last for a year or more, while others provide accelerated training over a period of about six months.

Hands-on training is also an important part of preparing to become an automotive technician. For example, you may find an apprenticeship that helps you prepare for a career in this field. Many employers also offer on-the-job training to new hires. The automotive technician training program you choose may provide information about apprenticeships and employment opportunities. Some programs may even offer job placement services.



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