How do I get Audit Certification?

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Gaining an audit certification requires extensive academic training, beginning with specific high school courses. Since auditing is similar to accounting, mathematics and science-related courses should be taken at the high school level. Following high school, an undergraduate degree in an accounting-related field is important. Once these two things have been accomplished, there are a couple more steps to complete.

Within the United States, any person who wishes to gain an audit certification will have to work for two years as an internal auditor. The same work experience is also true for most other countries across the world. After successful completion of this two year stint, a prospective auditor can then decide upon a specific type of audit certification.

These certifications include Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP). A CIA certification will allow a person to work directly for an organization as an in-house auditor. The CGAP certificate was designed for those people wishing to improve government services by auditing the public-sector. A person who has obtained a CFSA often works for an auditing firm, rather than a company.

After deciding upon the right type of audit certification, complete university transcripts must be gathered. These transcripts, coupled with work experience, must be attached to any certification application. In addition, all prospective audit certification candidates should ask a trusted supervisor or professor to complete a character reference form.


All certification candidates should be aware that any audit certification examination includes a "multi-audit" section. This section consists of questions based upon all facets of auditing including business, government, personal, management, and risk. People who successfully pass these examinations often make a point of studying a wide variety of auditing topics.

The globally recognized Institute of Internal Auditors has a vast amount of certification information listed on the institute's website. All future certified auditors should take the time to review this information. The Institute of Internal Auditors holds two examination sessions, twice per year, at various locations across the globe. Anyone wishing to become a certified auditor should attend an examination session.

In addition to completing the steps listed above, auditors must have a knack for numbers, communication, and a strong analytical sense. While gaining an audit certification is not easy, this is one job position that most auditors find rewarding. Depending upon a person's job location, the position of a certified auditor can be a lucrative one.



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