How do I get an Online Engineering Degree?

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There are four steps that you need to complete in order to obtain an online engineering degree: locate an online school, qualify for admission, pay the tuition fees and complete the course work. An online school offers courses and programs to obtain a degree over the Internet. There are a wide number of educational institutions that offer an online engineering degree. It is important to choose a school that offers the correct type of engineering program for you.

There are two types of online schools: accredited and non-accredited. An accredited school has met the government criteria for education quality, administrative policies, and business practices. These schools are able to provide graduates with recognized degrees. A non-accredited school can offer all the same courses, but students will not qualify for student aid, nor will their credits be transferable to other programs or for graduate studies.

When selecting an online engineering degree school, investigate the reputation, program offering, faculty profiles and administrative policies. Online degree programs are becoming increasing popular, and many traditional universities now offer online programs. The degree will not indicate that this was an online program, but simply that you graduated from a specific school.


Engineering programs qualifications vary, but most require high school courses in calculus, algebra, geometry, English, and physics. The field of engineering itself has several specialties. These programs can be selected directly from high school, or you can switch programs for the second year of university. Some options include chemical, environmental, civil and electrical engineering. Explore the options to find the type of program that most appeals to you.

The tuition fees for these programs vary widely, depending on the reputation of the school and the program format. Online schools usually offer two options: full year program or by course. If you select the course option, you are only required to provide the fees for each course as you complete it. The full year option usually requires payment in two installments, one for each term. Plan your finances in advance, as this can become the most time consuming part of obtaining a degree.

The first year of most online engineering degree programs is consistent across all the specialties. The course load is quite heavy for engineering students and many schools inform candidates that they will not have time for any part time jobs or other significant commitments. Invest the time to learn good study skills and speed reading in advance to prepare you for the workload and course requirements.



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