How do I get an Online Chemical Engineering Degree?

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An online chemical engineering degree is available from a wide range of online schools. A chemical engineering degree is focused on the process for creating new substances or enhancing existing ones. An online degree is a program completed through courses offered over the Internet. There are four things you must consider when getting an online chemical engineering degree: accreditation, course availability, cost and student services. All four items are critical to your obtaining the degree.

Accreditation is a process of confirming the level of education provided by the school meets a minimum government standard. Only schools that are accredited can offer a transferable university degree program. The other benefit of becoming an accredited school is the ability to provide access to government student financial aid programs. Do not register for a degree through a non-accredited school, as the courses are not transferable to any other university and are not providing the level of training required.

Courses available for the online chemical engineering degree should provide an increased level of specialization in the third and fourth years. Opportunities for lab work, computer modeling, and other tools are necessary to learn the required techniques. Check the variety of courses and options available before you register for an online chemical engineering degree program.


Online program typically offer two types of payment plans, term- or course-based. A term-based program requires payment for all the courses in that four month term in advance. A course based program requires payment on an individual course basis.

The price for online programs is less than for a traditional degree. The cost to the university to offer these types of degrees is less due to the reduced need for physical space, maintenance, and security. Course lectures can be recorded and reused, saving on course instruction time and level of effort required.

Investigate the types of student services that are available. This includes student discussion groups, career center, job placements, and financial aid. All these items are necessary services that support you as to work towards becoming a chemical engineer. Talk with student services counselors and department contacts to explore the options available to you.

When selecting an online school, check the reputation they have developed with employers and graduate programs. Talk with former students and ask questions about their experience, the level of support provided and the consistency of the program. Consider this information when making your selection of school for an online chemical engineering degree.



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