How Do I Get an Associate's Degree in Business Management?

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To receive an associate's degree in business management, typically begin by first completing your secondary education to receive a high school diploma. You may also be able to use a General Educational Development® (GED®) program or a similar equivalent to the completion of high school. Apply to one of more schools that offer an associate's degree in business management, such as colleges and even some technical schools. Once accepted, then you typically need to complete general education courses in communications as well as more specific classes in management techniques and business administration.

The first step toward receiving an associate's degree in business management is typically the completion of high school or a similar secondary education program. Many schools have particular requirements regarding the kinds of grades you need to have as you finish high school. Be sure to maintain a level of performance that qualifies you to attend any college you are interested in. You may also be able to use a General Educational Development® or GED® certification to demonstrate you scholastic accomplishment and qualify you for higher education.


Once you finish your secondary education, you need to have your high school transcripts and proof of graduation, or GED®, sent to colleges that you wish to attend. You may need to apply for some schools up to a year before you plan on attending them, so be sure to determine when colleges accept applications. Look at different schools that offer an associate's degree in business management and choose the one with tuition and a location that works well for you.

Numerous colleges and technical schools offer this type of program, though you may be able to receive this degree from a university. There are courses that you can attend online or in a classroom to complete this program. You might also consider the option to continue toward a bachelor's degree, as some schools may offer both types of curricula. This allows you to complete your associate's degree in business management, and then continue at the same university to finish a higher level program if you so choose.

Once you are accepted by a school and begin attending classes, there is likely to be a particular program that you need to complete for your degree. Expect general education courses in subjects like writing, communications, and even psychology. You will also need to complete classes that may seem more relevant such as those that cover managerial techniques and different business concepts that you need for your career.



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