How do I get Affordable Medical Insurance?

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As more people find themselves shouldered with the responsibility of securing their own health insurance coverage, the question of how to find affordable medical insurance has become more common. Fortunately, it is often possible to secure a health care plan that is comprehensive and affordable. The process of finding this health plan is one that involves careful scrutiny of available options and comparing rates and services before making a commitment to any insurance provider.

For people who earn below a certain income level, there are programs that provide subsidized health insurance. In some cases, this form of affordable medical insurance requires the payment of a monthly premium based on the average annual gross income. There are also some programs that provide medical coverage free of charge, especially in situations where severe poverty is involved. While not available in every country, it is worth the effort to check with local and state level governments to determine if programs of this type are currently functioning in the area.


For people who make too much money to qualify for a subsidized medical plan, it is a good idea to compare more than one type of health plan. Along with the Preferred Provider Option or PPO, consider the HMO or Health Maintenance Organization as a source of affordable medical insurance. With the HMO, you are assigned to a healthcare provider, and often have little to no out of pocket expense. While a PPO allows you to choose a physician, there are often deductibles that must be met before co-payments are not required.

If your choice for affordable medical insurance is a PPO, you can choose to go with a high deductible as a means of reducing the amount of the monthly premium. However, make it a point to find out exactly how much difference the higher deductible will make. In some cases, the difference may be very little, and would increase your obligation significantly in the event of a serious illness.

Just because you no longer have group insurance through an employer, that does not mean you cannot qualify for group benefits. Many insurance providers allow individuals to band together and create an entity that will qualify for group coverage. Assuming you can gather the minimum number of participants, all of you could secure a comprehensive and affordable medical insurance plan that would include no pre-existing conditions.

If permanent disability is a factor, it is a good idea to look into government sponsored insurance programs. In the United States, Medicare and Medicaid provide affordable medical insurance to people who are unable to work and cannot afford private insurance coverage. Other nations also have similar programs, including national health programs that are funded with taxes.



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