How Do I Get a Name Change on a Passport?

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To get a name change on a passport, the passport office will likely require proof of the change. You may need important documents like an amended birth certificate or valid marriage certificate, depending on why the change is being made. Some governments charge a significant fee for issuing another passport, so you may also need money. Once everything is approved, the most time-consuming step is waiting; a name change on a passport does not happen immediately and might take as long as getting a new passport. Of course, getting your passport changed is hardly the first step in officially changing a name.

The documents needed to get a name change on a passport depend on why you are changing it. If you are getting married or divorced, have a marriage certificate or divorce decree on hand. People who change their name for other reasons need documents approving the change that also state why the change occurred. If you are changing your gender, for example, you may need a letter from a doctor stating that the change is permanent, plus an amended birth certificate. In all cases, you will be expected to fill out at least one application form to confirm the changes.


In some countries, you are usually not charged to get a name change on a passport, but expedited service is an exception to this rule. Expedited service is an option for people who need their passports within two weeks. In general, the faster you need the passport, the more money you will need to pay to speed the service. Other countries charge around the same amount it takes to get a new passport, not counting the fees required to expedite processing of the document. This is something that varies a lot by country and the situation in which you are asking for a name change.

Under most circumstances, a legal name change must be undergone to start the process of getting a name change on a passport. Legal name changes are usually done by filling out a form, stating your desired name and why you wish to change to it. If your local government approves the change, the next step is to start changing your name on all other forms of identification because they are no longer valid. Your birth certificate, driver’s license, and even credit cards must be changed over to your new name, which can take months to complete.



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